Monday, June 15, 2015

A WSR Employee Profile and A Raffle

 A little excitement for your Monday!

Having decided to update our website with our employee information for our customers to check out, we decided to ring in the occasion with a special treat: a raffle.

Every day during the week we will be posting a link to an employee profile on our Facebook page. To be entered into our raffle:
1st--'Like' our Facebook page if you haven't done so already
2nd--'Like' our latest employee post on the Facebook page
3rd--Comment on the post!

Once each of these steps have been completed, you will be entered into our raffle to win a treasure trove of prizes! You can enter more than once by coming back to our Facebook page and repeating the steps 2 thru 3 above for each new link we post. So check back daily! The winner will be announced on July 1st.

Our big prize will include:
--Two bags of the bestselling coffee from Evening Star Coffee Roasters
--Weldon Service & Repair Company goodies such as a key chain tape measure (immensely handy, much like our office dog...can even be used to measure the office dog if you prefer*), a WSR hat and tee-shirt
(Other prizes may be added in before the end of the contest)

Our first employee to introduce to the world is:

Amy Weber

Job Title: Dispatcher
Details of job: Customer calls come in from many different businesses around our service area and I put them into the system. I make sure all the calls get to our regional managers and service technicians.
Favorite part of working for WSR: Interacting with the customers
Benefits of working for a small company: The family atmosphere! (Editor's note: Amy is married to our Service Manager for the Western Region, Brad Weber)
How do you find it working with your husband?: Love it! We've worked together in the past and it's always gone very well.
Common mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected: Paying closer attention to the details.
Favorite local food(WNY) and favorite activity to do: BBQ Chicken Fingers and going hiking
Favorite caffeinated beverage: Coffee
How do you take your coffee: Black

Check back tomorrow for our next employee profile(s).

We hope the rest of your week is caffeinated and delightful!
--WSR Lindsay

*Office dog is not, at this time, being offered as a prize. Though he is the ultimate reward.

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