Thursday, June 25, 2015

Area Managers Extraordinaire

With the crew of service technicians we have on the road, we need some skilled people to help manage who goes out to certain calls and keep track of everything that needs to be done with our customers. That's why we employee two of the best area service managers. These are two gentlemen that know how to juggle many things and keep it all together without letting anything drop.

Hamilton Sage
Job Title: Service Manager
Favorite part of working for WSR: Being able to see different people every day.
Benefits of working for a small company: Don't have to deal with a lot of the corporate bureaucracy. You're a member of the team.
Common customer mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected: Double checking before putting in a call.
Favorite local food(WNY)/favorite weekend activity: Main Street Pizza in Batavia, NY, and on the weekends I'm usually doing something involving my maple syrup business. (Check out Hamilton's Family's Maple Syrup here!)
Favorite caffeinated beverage: Mt Dew
How do you take your coffee: double double two cream, two sugar

Mike Thornton

Job Title: Service Manager of Eastern Region
Favorite part of the job: Having the opportunity to build and maintain relationships with my customers to provide them with the service they have come to expect.
Benefits of working for a small company: The family atmosphere.
Common customer mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected: I don't feel there is a common mistake, most are willing to learn.
Favorite local food(CNY) and favorite weekend activity: I would recommend the Brae Loch in Cazenovia, and on weekends I enjoy snowmobiling in the winter and beating HPI R/C cars with my traxxas slash. (Editors Note: That sounds way more exciting than my weekends. So I'm going to steal that weekend idea, thanks Mike!)
Favorite caffeinated beverage: Sugar with a side of coffee
How do you take your coffee: see above.

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--WSR Lindsay

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