Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Inventory Manager and Office Dog Wrangler

Today I'd like to introduce our next employee to you. Her name is Lauren Weldon and she is the Weldon Service & Repair Inventory Manager (and Office Dog Wrangler). She's been with the company for a few years now, and with the family for absolutely ages. She is the youngest Weldon at the company, and mentions that frequently to her older siblings.

Lauren Weldon
Job title: Inventory Manager
Details of job: Liaison between the office and all of the part vendors. Maintain inventory levels within the warehouse. Also, I keep the office dog well fed (and so do many other of the office staff. Which is probably why the vet likes to talk to us about Charlie's sudden cuddly physique he's developed this winter.)
Favorite part of working at WSR: All the free coffee. (Editor's Note: We get the good stuff too! Thanks Jody!)
Benefits of working for a small company: You get to know everyone really well and you're not just a number in the system.
Benefits of working with your family: Relaxed atmosphere working with your family. Also, we get to have the dog in the office.
Common mistake you see made that would make life easier if corrected: Rereading emails before sending them out to make sure the receiving party will understand what you're saying.
Favorite food(WNY) and your favorite weekend activity: John's Tex Mex in South Wedge in Rochester, and bowling on the weekends.
Favorite caffeinated beverage: Diet Coke
How do you take your coffee: Black

We hope you enjoyed this introduction! If you want to be entered into our raffle for a slew of delightful prizes, such as some of our stellar coffee and a gift card for FOOD (who doesn't love food? I love food. And apparently the office dog loves food more than anything) than make sure you like and comment on this post on our Facebook page!

Cheers to you *raises coffee* *caffeinates* *gets excited about everything*,
---WSR Lindsay

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