Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Dog Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I'd like to introduce you to a very special Weldon Service & Repair employee.  He just happens to be the only employee (and, dare I say, only creature on God's green earth) who doesn't enjoy a weekend. Welcome to our official Office Dog, Charlie.

Charlie Weldon
Wait...what do you mean it's almost the weekend?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Weldon Service & Repair began five years ago but it wasn't until a year after it's start, when one of Nathan's daughters, Lindsay, started working for the company, that Charlie was introduced to the office. That moment he began his very important position of coming in every day and being the official Office Dog.

It started with that very first scary, tentative step into the warehouse. Everyone that visited was a potential criminal that he would let Lindsay fight while he barked from a safe spot under her desk. Since then he has become everyone's best friend...maybe because everyone knows where the dog treats are kept... And that may be because Charlie will show them, even if they're a stranger, by staring at the treat box and drooling upon their arrival into the warehouse. This is how they know what is expected of them.

It's a very safe bet to say that Charlie LIVES for the office. Weekends are a disappointing time where he looks with hope upon anyone heading to their car, only to have those hopes dashed when they don't say the magical phrase "Wanna go to work?"

Job Title: Office Dog
Details of job: Eating all the treats, sleeping in each bed in each office in the warehouse before end of day, greeting the UPS guy and getting a treat, greeting the FedEx guy and getting a treat, checking on Tom in the warehouse, greeting all the service office dog's job is never done as long as there is someone around to give a belly rub.
Favorite part of working for WSR: Treats. I mean...getting that satisfying feeling from a hard day's work.
Benefits of working for a small company: Everyone knows my name. And I can easily find all the treat jars. Also, knowing the name of the people who pick up my poop. They're good people. They're not just a number to me.
Common mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected: When Dad and Mom forget me at home. And I can smell they went to the office without me. Don't do that.
Favorite local food(WNY)/favorite thing to do on the weekend: Biscuits at work, also I have a few really good bones you should try. Or maybe not, I don't really wanna share. And I hate weekends. No work then. I sleep through the weekends. But when we go in to work on the weekends that's my favorite.
Favorite caffeinated beverage: No. Water.
How do you take your coffee: No. Water. Can I have a biscuit instead? Wait, what are you offering me? Can I have a toy?

Enjoy your Friday friends, and make sure to like this post on Facebook and comment to be entered into the raffle. Charlie is not one of the raffle prizes. Sorry. But I could throw in a framed photo of of Charlie if you really want it. And who wouldn't?

---WSR Lindsay

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