Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday Webcrew!

As it's Wednesday and I enjoy a little alliteration, I decided now is a good time to introduce you to our webcrew. (Yes, I made up that word. I have a degree in English lit which effectively gives me the license to do whatever I want with the language. ...Or at least that's how I interpret the degree.)

Webcrew Runs On.... 

My brother, his wife and I comprise the Weldon Service and Repair web team. (Better? I'm not sure. Working it out...)

First up:

Nate Weldon Jr.

Job Title: Co-Director of IT Department and Software Architect
Details of job: Making sure all the tech runs correctly throughout the company. Evaluating new standards, tools, platforms and technologies. Implementing new features and fixing existing bugs. Integrating our software with third party systems.
Common mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected: Getting information on tech problems early. (Editor's Note: The office staff are technically the customers in this noted, sir!)
Favorite part of working for WSR: Getting to evaluate new technology, and working on new and different projects.
Benefits of working for a small company: Getting to see software features implemented from start to finish and having those features create a positive impact on the company.
Benefits of working with your family: Low stress environment (Editor's Note: hahahahahahaha....oh're not joking....), and free coffee (Editor's Note: YES.)
Favorite food (WNY) and favorite thing to do on the weekend: Steak hoagie, and hanging out with my wife and son on the weekends
Favorite caffeinated beverage: Red eye
How do you take your coffee: Strong with a double shot and half & half

Nate and Estelle

Then we have his lovely wife and my sister-in-law:

Estelle Weldon

Job Title: Co-Director of IT Department and Chief of Software Development
Details of Job: Develop software for the company. Working on the website and creating internal tools for service request management.
Common mistake that would make life easier if corrected: Mistakes will be made; it is hard to prevent them, just make sure you learn from them.
Favorite part of working at WSR: Being able to create tools that improve the process or make other people's workdays easier. The fancy office coffee machine is also really nice.
Benefits of working for a small company: I get to see the result of my work immediately. Working for a large company on a very large project I often only work on a tiny part and have no idea the impact on the customer.
Benefits of working with your family: Lunch meetings! (Editor's Note: Hear! Hear! Agreed!)
Favorite food(WNY) and favorite weekend activity: India House, and relax with the family
Favorite caffeinated beverage: See next question.
How do you take your coffee: 1/2 coffee and 1/2 hot chocolate

And then there's me:

Lindsay Weldon

Job Title: Social Media Manager
Details of job: Twitter/Facebook/Blog upkeep, social media outreach and customer connection initiatives.
Favorite part of working for WSR: We rock at customer service. I love the free coffee and that we can have an Office Dog. I also love that the companies allows my humour to run rampant in my work.
Common mistake that would make life easier if corrected: A personal mistake would be not getting to things in a timely fashion and then trying to do them all at once. I should stop that. A customer mistake would be telling me things last minute or in an afterthought "oh maybe Lindsay could have helped with that" because yes I can and please tell me sooner.
Benefits of working for a small company: Makes communication within the company much easier. Everyone is happier. And it's easier within a small company to customise your job duties so that you work on what needs to be done and not doing things that don't matter in the long run.
Benefits of working with your family: The ability to learn on the job, ask questions or openly discuss parts of the job without feeling like there may be a negative impact because of that. (Downside...we are able to talk about work a lot outside of the office as well. It just melts into your every day life. Meeting at 6am while still in your pjs over coffee and before breakfast? Sure, why not?)
Favorite food and weekend activity: India House or Dinosaur BBQ, and on weekends I like to go to the theatre or take road trips.
Favorite caffeinated beverage: coffee or milky English tea
How do you take your coffee: black

And in case you were wondering: Nate and Estelle's WSR pictures will be added to our website when we have them, I took mine with a selfie stick and I am not ashamed, and I'm the "Editor" in case you did not pick up on that fact.

I'll be drawing names for our raffle on Wednesday, July 1st so make sure you "like" the company Facebook page, "like" an employee post and answer the question that accompanies the post. You can enter as much as you like and we don't mind if it's employees of the company or friends and family of company employees. (Editor's Note: Editor will not be putting her name in since it's the Editor that will be drawing the name.)

Cheers and happy Wednesday!
--WSR Lindsay

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