Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Top Dog at WSR?

Newest Contender for Top Dog

Our dog team has grown in numbers! Specifically from one to two (some days we even have THREE). But our new official number two is this keen girl. When she's awake and not trying to snuggle behind you on your chair, she is ready for action! And that action is laying in wait to steal Charlie's toys. Also trying to get biscuits before Charlie. I present to you:

Kiki Weldon
Owned by the Inventory Team, but does little work with inventory as she is unable to count. Or stay awake for longer than an hour. Which is required here at WSR. The staying awake bit...some of us have questionable counting skills...

Job Title: Office Dog Assistant (assistant to the real top dog, Charlie Weldon)
Details of Job: Getting my beauty rest 20 hours of the day. The other four hours are spent working hard for those biscuits from the UPS and FedEx guys!
Favorite part of working at WSR?: Getting more attention than Charlie. Because I'm cuter! (Note from management: Umm, we do not discriminate based on looks. You both are cute and do equally little amount of work.)
What are the benefits of working for a smaller company?: Very family oriented! Which means no one judges me for snoring! (A kindness we do not bestow on the human members of the team.)
What is a common mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected?: ONLY GIVING TREATS TO CHARLIE. I may be little, but I'm here too, ya know.
Favorite local food?: Taste of the Wild Dog Food. I pride myself on being a bit of a foodie. The best is when Mom and Dad put gravy in my food! (Social Media Manager: Yes. I do appreciate gravy on all my food too.)
Favorite thing to do on the weekend?: My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to get even MORE beauty rest. And go for car rides. (SMM: Same.)
Favorite caffeinated beverage?: Just water for me please.
How do you take your coffee?: I don't - but I will take biscuit and a snuggle! (SMM: Same.)

 So while I hope your week at work is going well, it's probably not as snuggly and biscuit oriented at Kiki's week is going. For that, I am sure, we are all sorry.

Stay warm, stay caffeinated,

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