Friday, March 4, 2016

Super Stevie!

The Office is Going to the Dogs

Introducing our most recent employee on the books: Super Stevie! Owned by Jay, Stevie is taking the office by storm. Or by nap. He is a phenomenal napper. Most people do not even realise he is there, that's how good he is at napping. Get to know Stevie from his own words:

Job Title: Office Dog Intern
Details of job: Sleeping most of the time and waiting for treats!
Favorite part of working at WSR: Getting treats!
Benefits of working for a small company: TREATS....haven't we been over this? And getting to ride in the car everyday.
Common mistake you see that would make life easier if corrected: Always keep an eye out for us little dogs! Although I don't know how you could miss me with my handsome ears!
Favorite local food(WNY)/favorite thing to do on the weekend?: I LOVE Freshpet shredded chicken, that stuff is the best! In my spare time, I like to visit my local Petsmart and get my Greenies and Blue Buffalo treats!
Favorite caffeinated beverage: Just water for this guy, thanks!
How do you take your coffee?: How about treats instead? I take them directly from your hand, thanks! Tricks aren't really my thing.

So there you have it. We clearly feed these dogs way too much. What about the office workers? We need treats too, please! Management? Hello?

Yours, in caffeination,
Social Media Maven